The Dancebots are an educational outreach workshop run by the Swiss STEM promotion project mint&pepper; an associated project of the Wyss Zurich. Besides being fun, the goal of the workshop is to allow children between 10 and 18 years to peek inside the electronic guts of a simple robot in a hands-on and creative experience.

The children assemble a Dancebot from scratch: They solder components to a printed circuit board (PCB), and wire up a speaker, LED lights, and electric motors. After building the robot’s structure using wire and hot glue, they can also decorate the Dancebot so that it looks great on the dance floor.

We developed custom software that the children use to create a choreography for the Dancebot and their favorite music. The software generates a special MP3 that contains both the commands for the motor and LEDs, and the music to be played back on the robot’s speakers.